And unto dust shalt thou return

Editorial project for the third issue of EME Magazine, a Spanish specialized magazine for designers and illustrators created by the Masters of Design and Illustration in Valencia. This issue was a monographic about the “symbol” and I designed the layout for the article “And unto dust shalt thou return”, written by the historian and art critic Manuel Garrido Barberá.

Bang-bang! Collections

These are some of the drawings I made for the Inktober challenge in two different years: the cats are from 2016 and the dog series from 2017. I ended up really satisfied with the result, so I uploaded a pattern design and a collection of them to Redbubble, a shop that helps independent artists to sell their stuff on their products.

Funge UVA Job platform

The General Foundation of University of Valladolid offered a job searching programme to help new graduates and former students to find their first job. This was an online service only for register students, but the interface was quite complicated and not well organised. That’s why our main objective was to define a new whole user experience, followed by a layout change.

Witch plants

“Witch plants” is the result of the Inktober challenge from 2018: a collection full of the plants that witches supposed to use in ancient times por their potions, spells and filters, according to popular tradition. You can find a pattern design with all of them at Redbubble, a shop that helps independent artists to sell their stuff on their products.


Enamel pin design of one of the most searched and famous books of history: the Necronomicon. This grimoire not only appears along H.P Lovecraft books, the creator of its legend, but also in terror movies.

You can still get your Necronomicon if you write me an email to

La Serena

Visual identity I made as a freelance for two young fishmongers who were excited to open their own business in the central market of Oviedo. The project was to design the new brand: a logo that could embrace the quality and the dedication of this two partners to offer the best fishes and seafood from The Cantabrian Sea.

Corporative graphics

1.Objectives The main goal was to communicate to their clients the benefits of this new partnership and also business focus on be a Tech consultancy. Because of that, they wanted to create…