And unto dust shalt thou return

Editorial project for the third issue of EME Magazine, a Spanish specialized magazine for designers and illustrators created by the Masters of Design and Illustration in Valencia. This issue was a monographic about the “symbol” and I designed the layout for the article “And unto dust shalt thou return”, written by the historian and art critic Manuel Garrido Barberá.

Fat zine

Illustration selected to be part of “Fat” zine, the second issue of Grapa10 collective
(2016, Madrid).


“Domingueros”, is the popular Spanish way to call those people that every summer Sunday runaway from the heat of the city to the beach, looking for sun and refreshment. As a regular “dominguera”, I based this personal project on the stereotypes you can easily distinguish along the Spanish coast.

Corporative graphics

1.Objectives The main goal was to communicate to their clients the benefits of this new partnership and also business focus on be a Tech consultancy. Because of that, they wanted to create…