Bang-bang! Collections

These are some of the drawings I made for the Inktober challenge in two different years: the cats are from 2016 and the dog series from 2017. I ended up really satisfied with the result, so I uploaded a pattern design and a collection of them to Redbubble, a shop that helps independent artists to sell their stuff on their products.

Witch plants

“Witch plants” is the result of the Inktober challenge from 2018: a collection full of the plants that witches supposed to use in ancient times por their potions, spells and filters, according to popular tradition. You can find a pattern design with all of them at Redbubble, a shop that helps independent artists to sell their stuff on their products.


Illustration for the collaborative zine done as part of “Power, Corruption & Lies”, an exposition made by the artist Luis San Sebastián with Adora Calvo Gallery in “Arte Santander”. This zine was produced by “Ora et Labora” studio from Salamanca and participated different illustrators and artists providing their particular vision of the songs of New Order’s album.


Illustrated album made with Adrián Rodríguez in 2015. Both texts and illustrations were inspired by “Harpya”, a shortfilm by Raoul Servais in 1978.

The book wanted to reflect the sinister atmosphere of the original shortfilm through the use of blue and a richfull grey tonal palette. On the other hand, the verticality of the album wanted to emphasize the discomfort, because the reader has to confront a singular format to dive into this terror tale.


“Domingueros”, is the popular Spanish way to call those people that every summer Sunday runaway from the heat of the city to the beach, looking for sun and refreshment. As a regular “dominguera”, I based this personal project on the stereotypes you can easily distinguish along the Spanish coast.


Enamel pin design of one of the most searched and famous books of history: the Necronomicon. This grimoire not only appears along H.P Lovecraft books, the creator of its legend, but also in terror movies.

You can still get your Necronomicon if you write me an email to

The observers

Personal project which main purpose was playing with solid colourfull shapes and composition to simulate the light and shadow effects.