Funge UVA Job platform

The General Foundation of University of Valladolid offered a job searching programme to help new graduates and former students to find their first job. This was an online service only for register students, but the interface was quite complicated and not well organised. That’s why our main objective was to define a new whole user experience, followed by a layout change.

01 User personas

We started analysing the architecture web to understand the needs of the current users. That’s how we could define the different user personas and reorder the existing and new functionalities according to their priorities.

02 Beyond design

We also limited the actions depending on the role of each user, because obviously not all users are able to access to the same kind of process or view. However, to make things clear and easy, we design a similar intrerface for each one; and even a friendly backoffice for the administrators of the platform (the University). Thanks to that, the admin can manage possible incidents and help the users to get where they want to.


As administrator, the University has access to everything through an CMS that allows them to register new users (proffesors, enterprises and graduates), validate the job offers uploaded by enterprises, follow  the the internship process and more.