HappyUP is an app that calculates the employees’ happiness index to help HR departments in companies to know the motivation level and create a positive work environment.


Features and functionalities

When a user sings up or logs in, they are able to answers a short daily surveys to track their mood and motivation.
Then, they can see their result and compare it with their coworkers’ or with their own mood along the same week. The data obtained from this answers are shown as graphs next to the company’s overall happiness index.
They also can access to other users comments, which are shown anonymously, from the most recent to the oldest (“today”, “last week”, “last month”).
In resume, the employee can have all this information related to work environment at their disposal, both their personal and departamental global index.
On the other hand, HappyUP has a desktop backoffice with exclusive access to the HR or company to make easier the management and tracking of what it’s going on.
HappyUP’s layout was created to provide a friendly user experience far from the typical corporative tool of intern use. This aesthetic decision was key to make employees feel confortable and free to express themselves.

Launch campaign

After the conceptualisation and development of the tool, we launched a digital campaign, composed by a newsletter and a landing page to show commercially the benefits of the app and catch potential clients.