I died

Colección fanzinera

Two different stories, but with the same ending.
And two different views to explore the death from the everyday.

I died

and nobody noticed

I put a lonely individual in the middle of a room and suddenly, he passed away. I wanted to make the everyday, home, something unfamiliar and lacked of life. Meanwhile, the life outdoors still was running without noticing the fatal and sad event over their heads.

Valencia – 2017

I died

and they came late

What’d happen if  the death turns into something “public”? In this case, the privacy is exposed dangerously to satisfied the curiosity of those who find fascination in the events that break with ordinary. As in the first zine, the room came back, but it’s not where the drama took place. Here there is only place for playing and fun; it’s a parallel world alien to this sad theatre that is being played at the back.

Madrid – 2019