Sobaco zine

Sobaco is a zine selfpublished by Fosfeno Ediciones, an independent editorial founded by the illustrators Erica Fustero, Adriaguez, Maria Rodilla, Galletamaria and Barcava. Every issue of the zine is about one particular topic: space, wild west, etc. and each author has to create a short comic story related to it.

“Sobaco was borned in a hot spring day at class. Bárbara said: `It smells like underarms here´ and that’s how easily came the name for our zine.” (Sobaco is “armpit” in Spanish, by the way).

Since that day, we have published:

1. Sobaco del Espacio (Armpit from Space) – June 2015
2. Sobaco del Oeste (Wild West Armpit)– November 2015
3. Sobaco Medieval (Medieval Armpit)– February 2017

Sobaco del Espacio

“Space Trip”, Barcava

Sobaco del Oeste

“Orange Juice”, Barcava

Sobaco Medieval

“Hijos de Satán”, Barcava